Project: Head, Neck, Spine - At Home

Project: Head, Neck, Spine (HNS) was created by the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science in conjunction with the Hawaii State Department of Health - Neurotrauma Supports. Its goal is to provide a standards-based resource specifically focused on head, neck, and spine injuries, recognition, awareness and education.

Our hope is that HNS will help children make more informed choices and decisions about their health and be advocates for health and safety as it pertains to head, neck, and spine injuries when they engage in various activities with their friends.

HNS is available in three levels: Lower elementary (grades 2-3), Upper elementary (grades 4-5), and Middle/High School (grades 6-12).

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Disclaimer: This resource was initially created for schools and teachers to implement in the classroom setting. However, we would like to share this important material and learning opportunity with homeschooled students and all children in grades 2-12.